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Redundancy…..it may happen to someone you know

Redundancy…..it may happen to someone you know

Redundancy…..This most likely will not happen to you as medical professionals. However it may happen to someone that you know.


With the recent news headline, ‘WA unemployment rate hits 13-year high’, it has definitely put the pressure of job loss front of mind for many Australian workers, going into the new year. If you know someone that is currently going through or facing the prospect of redundancy, share this with them – every little tip can help!


If you are one of the thousands who have been made redundant and you are not sure what to do with the lump sum of money from your employer, this is the perfect article for you.


We have asked Chantel Oosthuizen from In-Toto Financial Planning for some tips on what to do with the redundancy payment, to ensure that it is put to good use.

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