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  • Ensuring optimal financial health
What we do
You diagnose medical conditions, we diagnose financial circumstances and prescribe award winning solutions. We manage a team of specialist partners to provide you with banking, taxation, investment, property and legal services to ensure an optimal financial prognosis.
We diagnose and prescribe a tailored financial health plan, then our team of specialists work together make it a reality. We will coordinate with our specialist partners on your behalf, all you have to do is contact us.
We have the drive and motivation of a young team coupled with the experience and relationships of industry professionals. Our award-winning team even includes a multiple Australian Broker of the Year winner.
In consultation with our innovative specialist partners, we assist you on your journey. It is our goal to ensure you are able to achieve your career aspirations, without having to compromise your financial aspirations.
Our mission is to encapsulate all services required for your financial health. We understand your journey as a health professional and have a prescribed solution for you… regardless of which stage you are at… buying a car, first home, starting a practice or purchasing equipment.
WE UNDERSTAND THAT TIME IS YOUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE. WE WILL ENSURE THAT EACH AND EVERY INTERACTION WITH OUR TEAM IS CONDUCTED EFFICIENTLY. By closely coordinating with our specialist partners, we can provide seamless integration of all services offered. We enable you to achieve the best results for your financial health.

beyond getting extremely good deals/structures organised, [Medical Finance Detective] is a pleasure to work with and makes everything very easy

- Dr G Imberger -

very helpful, personable and knowledgeable of my finance needs as a doctor and what packages were available from various lenders

- Dr M Hoar -

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend [Medical Finance Detective's] services to anyone seeking finance, including other medical professionals.

- Dr M Hoar -

[MFD] helped me secure excellent mortgage rates on several occasions and have consistently demonstrated that they are leaders in their field.

- Dr D Rabinowitz -

The team have always shown acute understanding of my needs and their efforts to obtain the best outcomes for my personal and investment loans is commendable.

- Dr D Rabinowitz -

[MFD] are never too busy to answer my queries and handle all matters in a professional approach with prompt resolution

- Dr A Malhotra -

their ability to work as a team and ensure that all members are across all the details of my account never ceases to impress me

- Dr A Malhotra -


Medical Finance Detective is the medical specialist division of Finance Detective.

Medical Finance Detective specialises in assisting health care professionals with their financial health. Our team of finance executives will diagnose and prescribe tailored solutions for you.

Warren Dworcan, recognised as Australian Broker of the Year for two consecutive years, is the founder of Medical Finance Detective.

Medical Finance Detective is supported by an award-winning team, who have collected accolades including: Winner of the 2014 BBA – Best Independent Office (>5 Brokers); Finalist for the 2014 ABA – Major Brokerage of the Year (Non-Franchise); and have been included in The Adviser’s Top 25 Brokerages in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. To see more awards, visit the Finance Detective site.

include but are not limited to:

• Asset finance • Equipment finance • Goodwill loans • Insurance • Vehicle finance • Taxation • Investment • Property • Equipment • Fitout • Legal

Special benefits, for Medical Professionals, include:
• Borrowing up to 100% of a purchase price • Residential properties – 90% to 95% no Lenders Mortgage Insurance • Funding GST on purchases • Interest in advance • Funding for setting up or renovating a practice • Self-managed super funds (limited recourse borrowing arrangements)

  • Students

  • Graduates

  • Doctors

  • Specialists

Meet our team below. Our customers have access to the entire award-winning Finance Detective team. Click here to read more about Finance Detective.

Warren Dworcan

Managing Director

Warren’s ability to forge strong relationships, his insatiable drive and his innovative thinking have thrust him to the top of the finance industry. Medical Finance Detective, with Warren leading the charge, promises to deliver creative solutions to clients.

Tony Dworcan

Executive Director

Having some 50 years of business experience in dealing with “The People Industry”, Tony rounds off our group with the experience necessary to direct our highly motivated and capable team.

Jill Lee

General Manager

Jill’s meticulous approach to delivering financial solutions has earned her the respect of clients in both domestic and corporate markets. She plays an integral role in ensuring that our team of finance specialists constantly deliver market-leading customised solutions and service.

Asher Walters

Systems & IT Manager

Asher’s diverse information and communication technology experience across both public and private sectors allows him to provide cutting-edge technical solutions to support the delivery of Medical Finance Detective’s customer service experience.

Ishay Katz

National Manager

Ishay’s wealth of experience and his dedication to the further development of the business, make him an invaluable member of the team. His passion and commitment are great assets to the company and he plays an integral role in ensuring the future of Finance Detective.

Lisa Chan

Finance Manager

Lisa has worked in the Finance Industry for over 3 years and is experienced in equipment finance from her previous employment. She is also also highly proficient in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Travis Meyer

Finance Executive

Travis is new to the Finance Services industry, coming from over 7 years as a professional cyclist. The drive, determination and commitment to succeed at the top of the cycling world, are attributes that will serve him (and his clients) well in his new career.

Stephanie Kee

Finance Manager

Stephanie’s excellent customer service and attention to detail make her an extremely valuable addition to the Finance Detective team. Her skills with multiple languages enable Finance Detective to meet the needs of an even wider range of customers.

Ken Chi

Client Liaison

Ken’s business acumen is based on a myriad of experience across various fields. He provides a methodical work ethic and impeccable management services to our business relations division. As our Client Liaison, he is of great value, ensuring growth and development of our services.


We are always looking for ways to support the community.
See some of the events we are involved with below.
  • 2015
  • WAMSS Intern Preparation Seminar

    Proudly supported by Medical Finance Detective

    November 19, 2015
  • WAMSS 2015 Graduation Dinner

    Proudly sponsored by Medical Finance Detective

    November 18, 2015
  • MFD Wine and Cheese tasting nights for WAMSS

    - 16th September, 2015 - 6:30pm – 7:30pm
    - 22nd September, 2015 - 6:30pm – 7:30pm
    - 1st October, 2015 - 6:30pm – 7:30pm
    Proudly supported by HLB Mann Judd

    September 16, 2015
  • WAMSS Sixth Year Pre-Intern Camp

    Proudly sponsored by Medical Finance Detective

    August 22, 2015
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